Lantern Procession

 CONTACT :  Kate Nottage on  for information on workshops, or to get involved 


This in an opportunity for individuals and groups to become part of the Procession of Lanterns at this year’s Bradford on Avon Arts Festival.  The procession will be on the evening of Saturday 13th September. The lanterns will be in the form of a fish (or other river or sea creatures). From shoals of small fish to giant eels the possibilities are limitless.

MAKE A BASIC LANTERNwillow-lantern-students-2

We will be offering workshops to enable individuals or groups to make lanterns from willow and paper. The light will be from LED’s and tiny battery – no fire risk involved.

Lantern making is a craft that is suitable for everyone, primary school children, families, businesses and community groups.

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For the ambitious there is no limit to what can be done with willow and tissue paper.